[LYRICS] Lyrical Joe – Moment of truth

“Moment of truth Lyrics BY Lyrical Joe” (MOT)

LJ why are Kamer Rappers pointing [email protected] at me?
I guess thats the only chance they got to shot for the stars
School drop out taking a whole country to class
And thats not even a weight on my shoulder
Hold Up
Apologies for speaking on your country’s politics
But on the second thought why did you have to get so sensitive
You be all on social media abusing your influence
When you can use your talent to free your people from suffering Positive
But naa bro you are on the french side
Enjoying cux the president is also a French right?

So you wont speak up for your English speaking brothers
And will gladly enjoy the meal if they get used for French fires
All of a sudden you [email protected] rappers dey aim at me?
You have [email protected] and you cant sh00t your poverty
You have [email protected] and you cant sh00t corruption in your country
But you rather waste your bulllet so you aim at me?

Lets analyse it
How would your industry grow
Y’all cant afford brain so im giving some on loan
From your country its only Garbage men dat are going far
Coz you push trash and call it support your own
If we should line up top 10 artist from Kamer
6 of them produce their own music
Do the track art
Mix master the song and promote it as one man
Shoot the videos and edit it the stinginess is mad
Its like getting pregnant, doing antinental alone
Checking if the baby is a boy or a girl on your own

The 9th month you try to deliver by self in your home
Thats how your generation will come out fvcked up
Loose talkers im the news in your newspaers
Y’all mad i spoke of lake NYOS, apologies for that
But y’all coundnt stop bitching
So the real fact is next natural disaster
To kill your country is you rappers
Spoke of your president, i meant freedom for y’all
But y’all rather saw me as Peter and defended your Paul
So this is it Biya will keep getting rich over y’all

Coz y’all the same people enjoying robbing Peter to Paul
I heard some toff rappers dissed me
I was gona reply
And then i checked on their handles im like hold on ma God
If humans no dey Kamar create account for reptiles
Get lizards on your timelines your walls Are stupidly dry
I guess you still wonder why i aimed at Jovi first?
Pen war first i heard to kill your ancenstors
So by the time you svckers know you need ghost writers
Then your ghost writers will also need ghost writers
Y’all made me grow bigger balls if im being Frank with it
So im jerking off in the ocean thats how i drown you babys

Most of yall will drop songs and never get retweets
Because you promote your stup1d1ty better than your music
Yall need some d0peness?
I can sp!t on your songs just mail it
But Google wont allow you
You’re not a G enough to mail me
Yall at war with me and im not even half your age
But ignorance is your circle so ima ley you ride it
Once again sorry for using lake Nyos against yall
United State of Africa is what we all pray for
But i realized you Kamer rappers got a cheap state of mind
So i flew in without a visa

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